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Free dowsing chart

What is chart dowsing?
In Western countries, people frequently use a dowsing chart (arc) in their dowsing. You can use the chart below as it is - please try.
Dowsing chart is an efficient and convenient tool when you have more than two options or aspects to explore.
It is also helpful to dowse neutrally and calmly, without influence from dowser's personal emotions.
In order to use your chart skillfully, we recommend you to do a programming with your chart before using it, and to dowse with your whole heart after setting your mental command.
Programming your chart before chart dowsing
Follow these steps to do a programming with your chart for more accurate chart dowsing.
Move your pendulum intently over the specific section of the chart and say "this is the section for ..." so that it can learn the connection. Repeat with the rest of the sections one by one.
Ask your pendulum to "please indicate the section for ..." and check whether it works properly or not before using the chart for actual dowsing.
How to do your chart dowsing
Let your pendulum play a neutral swing over the chart, and then start asking your question.
You can find the answer in the section on which your pendulum runs.
Point the section as you determine where your pendulum is running and ask a YES-NO question such as "are you OK with this answer?" for double checking. When you have more than two options, ask your pendulum "is this the only answer?" because the answer is not necessarily one.
If your pendulum responds YES, you can finish the session, but if it says NO, continue your dowsing to find the answers.

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