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Can Dowsing Answer Your Life Questions and Help You
   Make Better Decisions?
Every day, life challenges us with many questions that we need to answer. What should I do? What should I buy? When should I go on holiday? Should I date this man/woman? What kind of vitamins should I take? Am I allergic to this food? Does this food make me fat? The list goes on.
Dowsing can help to answer any question that you might have. These questions might relate to your health and healing or self-development or your career and finances or your relationships or love life. People who are good at making decisions usually are in tune with their inner wisdom or inner voice. Most decisions we make are done on a gut level ? intuitively. How can you access this level of wisdom though? Through dowsing ? is the short answer.
Through the art of dowsing you’ll learn how to better access your intuition and also become more conscious.
What is dowsing?
Dowsing is a skill that is about harnessing and amplifying our innate senses, abilities and intuition. These apply to the same senses and instincts that animals rely on for finding direction, food, and hiding places. Dowsing can be found in almost any culture and can be traced to ancient times. Traditionally, dowsing was used for finding water (water divining) and other resources. Nowadays, dowsing is used for finding answers to almost anything, as well as in healing and self-development.
What is intuition?
It is a sort of instinct, the ‘gut feeling’ which tells you what is right for you at that moment. It is called the gut feeling because our emotions and instincts are centred there. If we trusted ourselves more and used our intuition we would get the right answers.
What is consciousness?
Simply put, it is an awareness of the moment, beyond just what you are thinking about. It is also a state of mind we should strive for, which has the potential for having an awareness of everything. By becoming more conscious you’ll be able to ask the right questions at the right time. Dowsing will help you to become specific and accurate in terms of the questions you ask. You’ve probably heard this computer phrase, “GIGO” which means ‘garbage in ? garbage out’. When you ask wrong or badly phrased questions you might get wrong or inaccurate answers.
Quite often people cannot help going over the same questions again and again, especially if a particular issue cannot be resolved. A challenge appears to be too big to handle, so negativity or negative inner-talk sets in. You may not be aware at the time but you’ve stopped trusting yourself in that moment. You are also not fully conscious. You are stuck. Well, this type of behaviour happens to most of us many times. We are programmed to act in a certain way, through our genes, our parents, our past experiences. However, any negative thinking or self-doubt when repeated many times can become a negative thinking habit. This can enslave you until you regain consciousness. Dowsing offers a solution in a form of a protocol that helps you to get focussed, get some answers and start believing in yourself again.
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