Written by Tadao Yamaguchi
Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai http://www.jikiden-reiki.com/en/
Born November 28, 1952. His mother, Chiyoko, first learned Reiki Healing in 1938 directly from Chujiro Hayashi, who prepared the foundation of internationally accepted Reiki. She spent 65 years of her life practicing Reiki in day-to-day living, and handing over the art of using Reiki in the simplest and most effective way up to current times. Chiyoko passed away in August 2003. Tadao had received Reiki from his mother Chiyoko even before born into this world, and has been practicing Reiki Healing since early childhood.
In 1999, Tadao founded Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai with his mother Chiyoko and started to teach Reiki in full scale. Now he teaches not only all over Japan but also in more than 10 countries abroad. Author of "Jikiden Reiki REIKI Japan - The Truth and the History of Reiki" (Published by BAB Japan)