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Can dowsing answer your questions? (2)

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Your gut is your second brain
Research suggests that our gut has as many neurons as the brain and is described as our second brain where we make many decisions. (Source: TED, Scientific American ? see for links in references) From the exoteric literature we know that the solar plexus takes in energy to feed us, but also has the capacity for generating ill feeling and ill health. Rather, the solar plexus can be viewed as a gateway, not the cause. What you put in through there will affect the rest of the body at a number of levels not just physical. Our emotional state has a lot to answer for, which is the level where we make most of our decisions.
How we react to a situation will stimulate the solar plexus positively or negatively. There are other parts of the body which interact in this sort of manner with the so-called subtle energy fields. For example through the “third eye” we can access information beyond the physical where our intuition is perfected.
How dowsing works
Information about any questions as well as our subtle energy bodies, can be obtained by using a pendulum or some other type of dowsing instrument such as a dowsing rod, a wand and even our fingers. By a sequence of questioning and observing the reaction, the dowser can look for imbalances and find appropriate answers or remedies. For example, these remedies might be homeopathic, herbal, nutritional etc., and/or the application of a therapy e.g. crystal healing, Reiki, herbal remedy, colour therapy, feng shui, radionics and so on.
The type of pendulum ? what it is made of and the shape ? can be useful in dowsing and healing. These can be loosely called energy pendulums and even radionic pendulums because they are designed to have particular features and uses. They can be used for generating and tuning in to subtle energy vibrations.
Whatever, the use of dowsing techniques over time, enhances the intuition ? the ‘knowing’ ? and proves to show remarkable self-development in people. Generally speaking, the dowser becomes more sensitive to subtle energy as well as to his/her inner wisdom. This is useful for therapists when analysing their patients. People who dowse find themselves more in control over their lives, become healthier and happier, and become more helpful to others.
Many applications for dowsing
Recovering lost objects, finding out what you should eat or avoid, exploring energy lines and energy fields at places, harmonising your living environment are just a few areas where dowsing can be used. Originally, dowsing was applied to finding water and other resources.
Can anyone learn to dowse?
Most people can learn to dowse as long as they are open and willing to learn. Dowsing in a way is an externalised intuition which we all have. Most people can learn to dowse over a two-day workshop and then they just need to practice it. With the dowsing tool-kit you’ll be able to access your inner wisdom and intuition better and navigate through live more successfully.
Dowsing is a fascinating discipline which will take you on a journey of self-discovery as well as self-help, self-healing and self-improvement. Things will fall into place; Health and wellbeing will improve; You’ll become more successful in business. Dowsing is a very powerful skill that will serve you for life.
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